Security Of Payments Act VIC

BCISPA 2002 has changed the way Victoria Construction Contractors recover outstanding payments for their work

WARNING: If you have not made a claim for your work and the 3 month mark is approaching from when you last worked on the job – call us urgently. See more detail at

Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payments Act 2002

Debt Collection for building & construction industry subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, consultants who have carried out construction work or supplied goods or related services for a construction project in Victoria.

The Security of Payments Act VIC is a highly successful, fast, affordable means of solving payment disputes.

The process takes about 6 weeks. The first step is a payment claim which ultimately ends up in adjudication if it is not paid.

To make a claim under the Security Of Payments Act VIC you should have this statement on all of your invoices :

You should have this statement on all of your invoices :

‘This is a payment claim made under the building & construction industry security of payment act 2002’

But that’s not all there is to it – call us to make sure your claim is valid.

Debt Collection

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