Security Of Payments Act QLD

BIF Act 2017 law was enacted to bring a means of justice to individuals and small businesses that was otherwise unafforadable.

Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017

Debt Collection for building & construction industry subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, consultants who have carried out construction work or supplied goods or related services for a construction project in Queensland.

The Security of Payments Act Qld is a highly successful, fast, affordable means of solving payment disputes.

The process takes about 6 weeks. The first step is a payment claim which ultimately ends up in adjudication if it is not paid.

But that’s not all there is to it, see more at or call us to make sure your claim is valid.


Adjudicate today – do not delay. Once you have reached the point where the BIF Act allows you to apply for adjudication you should do it immediately. The reasons for this are many. Most importantly being that while you delay the debot may exhaust the funds that he may otherwise use to pay you.