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Security Of Payments Act Construction Dispute Experience

Security Of Payments Act Debt Collection For Contractors

We are No 1 For Contractors Debt Recovery Australia Wide.

We have been collecting money for construction work for over 30 years.

We have over 35 years of hands on experience in the building & construction industry.

We Will Collect Your Money Quicker & Cheaper.

We recover outstanding payments and bad debts in the Building & Construction Industry.

We will understand what you are talking about and relate to you on your level.

We Have Recovered More Money For Contractors Than Any Other Debt Recovery Co

Our success rate is close to 100% – This means 9 out of 10 times we get our clients money for them.

And our construction experience means we know how to maximise the amount that you are entitled to.

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Security Of Payments Act Flowchart NSW

Timing is absolutely crucial under the Security Of Payments Act NSW regime. See our Flowchart and call us to discuss your next step in the process.

Security Of Payment Act Specialists

This process starts with understanding the strength & detail of the ‘Construction Contract’, written or oral, preparing a solid ‘Payment Claim’ and ensuring proper service is effected – once this process is properly underway we follow it through to completion for you.

Security Of Payments Act Timelines

How Long Will It Take For Us To Collect Your Money For You ?

We Get The Process Moving For You The Same Day

As soon as we have all of the documentation from you that we require we prepare and serve the Payment Claim to start the clock ticking.

We Don’t Waste A Single Day

Under the Security Of Payments Act both the claimant and the Respondent must comply with a very tight, strict set of timelines. As soon as we are allowed to move to the next step we progress the matter that very same day.

Security Of Payments Act Flexible Fee Agreements

How Much Will It Cost For Us To Collect Your Money For You?

Best Value For Money Debt Recovery

We employ effective strategies that quite often get fast results for minimal outlay. Our goal is to recover your money as early in the process as possible.

Debtors often pay on receipt of a formal ‘Payment Claim’ which can cost as little as $350.00 + GST.

No Win – No Fee.

We charge for basic costs along the way which are great value for the work we do for you. And definitely a lot cheaper than our competitors and lawyers who aren’t as successful as we are. Our main fee is a ‘Success Fee’ which we will only charge once we have recovered the money for you.

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Security Of Payments Act NSW Recovers $1.8M For Contractors

Security of Payments Act NSW successfully enable Glenn Bower of RECOUP Contractors Debt Recovery collect $1.8M for 2 fortunate contractors who thought there money was gone for good.

BCIPA Reforms

BCIPA QLD Reforms are proposed to Commence 2 November 2014. The Reforms include much needed changes for the benefit of both claimants and respondents. Authorised Nominating Authorities will be abolished from 31 October 2014.

Security Of Payments Act Adjudication

Options for Security of Payments Act Adjudication are:

  • Upon receipt of a Payment Schedule in response to your Payment Claim and you dispute the Payment Schedule
  • If you receive a Payment Schedule but don’t receive payment by the due Date
  • Upon receipt of a Payment Schedule in response to your Second Notice and you dispute the Payment Schedule
  • After the expiry of the time allowed under the Second Notice