Security Of Payments Act

We are the best value for money contractors debt recovery company in Australia.

We are also the most experienced and successful contractors debt recovery company in Australia

Contractor Debt Recovery History

We have been collecting money in the Building & Construction Industry for over 30 years.

Debt Collection Methodology

We use either the Security Of Payments Act or Civil Claims to recover unpaid monies for construction completed.

Debt Collection Licencing

We are master – licenced mercantile agents.

We use extremely capable solicitors for all necessary legal work, and we manage them to keep their costs to an absolute minimum.

Debt Collectors With Passion & Integrity

Our Commitment:

“We will work tirelessly using every means available to us at law to collect the money you are owed as quickly and cheaply as possible”

Security Of Payments Act Works for Building & Construction Contractors

Let us tell you why, when and how the Security Of Payments Act is the best solution for solving your payment dispute.