BCIPA QLD Reforms came into force on 17 December 2018 and apply to Building & Construction Contracts entered into on or after that date for works carried out in Queensland.

The Reforms include much needed changes for the benefit of both claimants and respondents.

The legislation that now applies to building and construction work carried out in Queensland is the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017.

As of September 17 December 2018  RECOUP Contractor Debt Recovery can lodge your adjudication directly for you.

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Security Of Payments Act NSW Changes To Commence In 2019

The Changes are:

  • introduce maximum payment terms for progress claims made under the Security Of Payments Act NSW
  • require that payment claims made under the Security Of Payments Act NSW by a head contractor include a supporting statement declaring that all subcontractors have been paid what is due and payable up until the time of making the claim
  • remove the requirement of the endorsement that states a payment claim is being made under the Security Of Payments Act NSW.
  • statutory adjudication process
  • compliance and director penalties
  • code of practice for authorised nominating authorities

How These Changes will Affect Claimants:

  • Better Payment Terms
  • All invoices are now claims made under the Security Of Payments Act NSW
  • Contractors cannot claim for subcontractors work without paying them for that work

How These Changes Will Affect Respondents:

  • Limit on Payment Terms to subcontractors and from Principal Contractors.
  • Payment Schedules must be served in response to all invoices
  • Hefty penalties for falsifying subcontractor statements

What These Changes Mean For Principal Contractors:

  • Principal Contractors must ensure they are not paying contractors without receiving a valid Subcontractor Statement

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