We Use The Security Of Payments Act Legislation To Obtain A Judgement Against Your Debtor

This process starts with understanding the strength & detail of the ‘Construction Contract’, written or oral, preparing a solid ‘Payment Claim’ and ensuring proper service is effected – once this process is properly under way we follow it through to completion for you.

We Enforce The Adjudication Determination / Judgement For You

We provide a complete enforcement service to ensure the monies you have been awarded end up in your bank. Continue reading “Security Of Payments Act What Do We Do To Collect Your Money For You”

How Long Will It Take For Us To Collect Your Money For You ?

We Get The Process Moving For You The Same Day

As soon as we have all of the documentation from you that we require we prepare and serve the Payment Claim to start the clock ticking.

We Don’t Waste A Single Day

Under the Security Of Payments Act both the claimant and the Respondent must comply with a very tight, strict set of timelines. As soon as we are allowed to move to the next step we progress the matter that very same day. Continue reading “Security Of Payments Act Timelines”

More Patience – Means More Risk Of NEVER  Seeing Your Money !

You are entitled to be paid for the work you have done. You agreed on payment terms. Your Client isn’t doing what they said they would – they aren’t keeping their word.

Are their promises worthless ?  The more time and chances you give them the closer you are to ending up one of many creditors that will be lucky to get a few cents in the dollar.

Send Us Your Paperwork Now And We will Serve A Payment Claim On Your Debtor Within 24 Hours.

While you do nothing others are pressing their claims – act now while your debtor still has some money to pay you. Continue reading “Security Of Payments Act – How To Start”

Security Of Payments Act Debt Collection For Contractors

We are No 1 For Contractors Debt Recovery

We have been collecting money for construction work for over 30 years.

We Will Collect Your Money Quicker & Cheaper

We specialise in the recovery of outstanding payments and bad debts in the Building & Construction Industry Australia wide.

If you are owed money for construction work, and or related goods and services you need a Security Of Payment Specialist to deal with this for you. Continue reading “Debt Collection For Contractors”

Depending On How Difficult You Debtor Is It Could Be As Little As $220.00 + GST

Debtors often pay on receipt of a formal ‘Payment Claim’ which can cost as little as $220.00 + GST


We charge for basic costs along the way which are great value for the work we do for you. And definitely a lot cheaper than our competitors and lawyers who aren’t as successful as we are.

Our main fee is a ‘Success Fee’ which we will only charge once we have recovered the money for you. To see more about our flexible fee arrangements read on. Continue reading “Security Of Payments Act Costs As Little As $220.00”