Security Of Payments Act A.C.T.

The BCISPA 2009 ACT (see more at has been instrumental in ensuring payment for contractors during the construction boom in Canberra in recent years. Contractors debt recovery is more certain and affordable because of the Security Of Payments Act brought in by the Australian Capital Territory government.

Building & Construction Industry Security Of Payments Act 2009

Debt Collection for building & construction industry subcontractors, contractors, suppliers, consultants who have carried out construction work or supplied goods or related services for a construction project in Australian Capital Territory.

The Security of Payments Act A.C.T. is a highly successful, fast, affordable means of solving payment disputes.

The process takes about 6 weeks. The first step is a payment claim which ultimately ends up in adjudication if it is not paid.

To make a claim under the Security Of Payments Act A.C.T. you should have this statement on all of your invoices :

‘This is a payment claim made under the building & construction industry security of payment act 2009’

But that’s not all there is to it – call us to make sure your claim is valid.

Security Of Payments Act For Canberra Builders

Building and construction contractors quite often find themselves working for large companies in Canberra because the vast majority of construction work there is Government projects.

This makes the Security Of Payments Act in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, ACT a vital tool for debt collection for small building contractors battling goliath sized companies.