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Security Of Payments Act

Security Of Payments Act Half Day Workshop – it’s not too late to learn all of the Security Of Payment Know How you need to get paid for all of your work.

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Security Of Payments Act Works For Construction Contractors

We are No 1 For Contractors Debt Recovery Australia Wide.
We have been collecting money for construction work for over 30 years and we are Australia’s most trusted construction debt collection company.

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Security Of Payments Act Gets Your Money For You in 6 Weeks Or Less

Set out below is our fee structure and time frames for a standard claim:

Payment Claim: $220.00
Respondent has 10 business days to pay in full or provide a payment schedule

Second Notice: $110.00
If the Respondent ignores the Payment Claim we serve a Second Notice which gives the Respondent 5 more business days.

Adjudication Applications: $990.00
Once an adjudication application is lodged, the adjudicator is appointed within 4 business days, and then has 10 business days to make a determination


Do You Have A Valid Claim? Do You Have A Legal Right To Payment ?

If you have carried out construction work under a construction contract the answer is YES..

Debt recovery starts with the ‘Construction Contract’, written or oral, a solid ‘Payment Claim’ and effecting proper service – once this process is properly underway we follow it through to completion for you.

We Enforce The Adjudication Determination / Judgement For You.

We provide a complete enforcement service to ensure the monies you have been awarded end up in your bank. Once we enter judgement at court the debtors default is registered with VEDA the national credit ratings agency.


How Much Does Security Of Payments Act Cost ? Can you Claim The Costs Back?

Best Value For Money Debt Recovery

We employ effective strategies that quite often get fast results for minimal outlay. Our goal is to recover your money as early in the process as possible.

Adjudicator Costs are recoverable.

No Win – No Fee.

We charge for basic costs along the way which are great value for the work we do for you. And definitely a lot cheaper than our competitors and lawyers who aren’t as successful as we are. Our main fee is a ‘Success Fee’ which we will only charge once we have recovered the money for you.


How To Start A Claim: Security Of Payments Act Online Claim Form

Send Details Of Your Claim Now And We will Serve A Payment Claim On Your Debtor Within 24 HRS.

Complete our Online Claim Form, save it and email it to us and we will be in touch with to discuss the best way forward for you.

More Patience – Means More Risk Of NEVER  Seeing Your Money!

Empty promises are worthless.  The more time & chances you give your debtor the closer you are to ending up just one of many creditors that will be lucky to get a few cents in the $ from a liquidator.


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Australia’s No 1 Debt Collection Company For Building & Construction Contractors

We Have Recovered More Money For Contractors Than Any Other Debt Recovery Company.

Our success rate is close to 100% – This means 9 out of 10 times we get our clients money for them.

Security Of Payment Act NSW Changes will commence on 21 October 2019 and they are very good news for claimants Read More Here